Well hey there. This is me. 

I picked up a camera when I was 18 and committed to never stop learning! 

Photography has for sure changed my life. Not even sure what to say about the thing that has taught me so much & opened so many doors for me—I’ve been shooting for almost 6 years, and my favorite thing to capture is love. I’ll never get tired of it. I love the messy in-between moments. The ones that make you feel something when you look back at them!

Some of my favorite things in life include:

My church— renewlifechurch.com, french pressed coffee, Taylor Swift’s new album, big cities!

NOTE: I’m currently only booking sessions with previous clients at this time! To get on my calendar for 2020, please send an inquiry by clicking the link below.


Based in Midland, TX • Available for travel




Some people are fans of posed photography. If thats you, I’m probably not your girl! I like to capture the real, and raw moments! If we don’t sound like the perfect match, here are some of my best pals that do amazing work!!





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