Well hey there. This is me. 

If we were face to face I’d probably abbreviate words to make them sound funny. I’m passionate about showing people how cool God made them. It’s never easy to be In front of the camera, so I do my best to make you feel comfortable. I love capturing the messy in-between moments, the ones that make you feel something when you look back at them. Everyone is on such a unique journey— I love getting to document the season that you’re in, so you’ll never forget it, and when you look back it, you’ll feel the joy/love/excitement that you felt then!

Fun facts:

• I love rap music.

• Jesus is the main.

• If I didn't’t love Texas so much, i’d live in New York.

Based in Midland, TX • Available for travel




Some people are fans of posed photography. If thats you, I’m probably not your girl! I like to capture the real, and raw moments! If we don’t sound like the perfect match, here are some of my best pals that do amazing work. :)




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